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A lot of podcasts only give you highlight reels of their interviewees. We delve deep into the psychology of starting a business and the technical dynamics of running to completion, utilizing entrepreneurial stories to educate listeners.

Chris Hanson

Founder & Host

Serial Entrepreneur

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Business, Simplified

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Starting a business isn’t just following a course online - it’s a major life decision and a lot of the information you will find out there just won’t cut it.

Having founded 6 companies, generating millions in revenue, our host knows not only the bright side, but also the trials & tribulations - coming back from multiple failures and 6-figure debt.

He knows just the questions to ask to truly help the would-be entrepreneur.

Key Episodes

Episodes clipped and captioned across TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, X and LinkedIn.

Episode 14

Panic Attacks,, and the Advent of the Sales Technology

Early stage employee debunks the myths and mysteries of sales technology.

Episode 15

Agency Hassles and Building a Patented Product Company in the Public Sector

Serial entrepreneur turns around two agency failures into a massive public sector invention & product company.

Episode 36

SaaS founder beats out competitors to launch his one-of-a-kind AI email sales solution.

Episode 35

Early MarTech Founder Exits for 7 Figures, Overcoming Struggles

Consultant turns side hustle into major niche competitor, selling for 7-figures in 2019.


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Interact With Guests

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Our Guests & Topics

SaaS and Sales

Cutting edge technology, scale, Bootstrapping

Exits and Cofounders

Venture backed startups

Agency Owners

Ops, Sales Development, anD CLiEnt Service

Student Entrepreneurs


ADVice For Entrepreneurs - REAL DEAL STORIES

Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark
Quotation Mark

It better be something you love doing, because if it isn't you are not going to be able to keep grinding for long enough to achieve success.

You have a dream to be an entrepreneur someday and build a startup. You need to start preparing for that today- the sooner the better.

You have to have an unwavering belief in your own ability and in your idea, because at the end of the day, the buck stops with you.

Adam Stoltz,

Idea Kitchen

Built local office with savings during CoVid.

Dan During, Coast.Io

Quit his job and founded software company with a coworker.

Brandon Aversano, Alloy

Built marketplace for disrupting pawn-shop sector online.



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